We are a brand design for the unique, the authentic, the free.. All our pieces are handmade in our Miami studio and under the philosophy that  style is a way to empower yourself. It is a attitude towards life.
Funk and Fabulous   is a a Collection  of Bold, Vibrant and Statement jewelry  that is  versatile and easy to wear. A Unique mix of materials and elements, lots of vintage findings, tribal beads and unexpected accents are assembled  by hand at, Funk and Fabulous's Coral Gables Studio.  As a result, every piece  has an eclectic bohemian flair, which makes this this Brand of jewelry  timeless  and unique. Funk and Fabulous pieces  tells a story.
About the designer:
The creative substances of Lisana Falcon consists in braking schemes through the work of mixed elements.  Her starting  point is to combine bold elements,  innovation  and risk,  which equals her sense of fashion and stylistic taste.  She describes herself as a  Rebel - " I disrespect the rules, I understand that the creation of jewelry can flourish from any material. The beauty is in the harmony between the form  and the  elements".  By all  of this, her creativity has risen from an extravagant mixture of two elements: The First, begins with her venezuelan roots, and is filled with tradition and femeninity. The second is fondued on the artistic education she received while studying the Arts in Madrid and Fashion Design in Miami.
Inspired by her love of travel, many of FF's designs are affectionately named after her favorite destinations, books and adventures. 
Lisana Falcon is  constantly exercises exploration innovative ways to  ensure each collection is created to be avant garde and transcend time.  Lisana won the First Place in United States  Air France International Competition of Design 2001, held in Louvre Museum in Paris, and she had for many years her  Gallery open in Coral Gables, Florida.  Now  Funk and Fabulous  is successfully sell on exclusive boutiques and on www.funkandfabulous.com,  were women can access Funk and Fabulous worldwide.